Five Things You Need to Smudge Today

We often think about doing a space clearing on the whole house. But it’s sometimes needed to pick out a few things a smudge them in between a big clearing. Here’s a list of five things that you need to smudge… probably today.

1. Your front door. According to Feng Shui, your front door is where all new opportunities come in. That means new money opportunities, new love relationships, new friendships, connections for business, opportunities for your kids, etc. All this and more comes through your front door.

I don’t mean that people are stopping by your house. Your front door is a symbol of you opening the door to opportunities. Now you may not use your front door. You may enter the house through the garage or a side door. But it’s a good idea to smudge your front door anyway. Because new opportunities come through the front door. We’ll talk about what comes through the back door later in this article.

To smudge your front door you light the smudge stick as usual and go to the front door. You’re smudging inside the house. Take the smudge stick in your power hand (that’s the hand you write with) and go around the door in a clockwise motion. Clockwise allows you to bring in opportunities. You’re pulling in the opportunities with the motion of the smudge stick. And that’s it. This is a quick way to attract new energy, especially for your career.

2. Your back door. Yes, your back door needs a smudge too. In some cases, you may only have sliders onto a balcony or patio. Even if you don’t have a back door you probably have some sort of opening towards the outside even if it’s not a true exit (like in my case where my slider leads to a balcony and a 14-foot drop).

Your backdoor represents opportunities for money that are owed to you. This could include increases in salary, cost of living increases, money back from your taxes, income received from investments or passive income sources, money from your cousin who owes you for a loan you gave, family inheritance and so on.

The back door or sliders also represent the flow of opportunity in your life. You want to be open to all opportunities but it’s also important to discern which opportunities are not right for you and let them pass by. So you want to keep this area energetically open just as much as a front door. You don’t want to just accumulate and never let go. That’s being constipated.

You smudge the back door in a very similar manner as the front door. You light the sage stick. And then from inside the house, you sage the back door or slider. The difference is that this time you’re going to go counter-clockwise around the door. If you have sliders you’re going to go all the way around the entire glass part of the door. If you have a french door with a window next to it, then go around both the door and the window. Do the entire area that is glass.

3. Smudge your crystals. You may have a collection of crystal you use to attract energy or you may have crystals around the house that you just use as decoration. But all the crystal in your house, the ones you’ve set an intention with and the ones just decorating your entryway table are all actually working very hard for you. They’re bringing in energy, helping you ground and do the practical things you need to do to get on with your day. These crystals may be protecting your house. They may be bringing you good health energy. The crystals may be attracting love for you. They may be attracting money opportunities for everyone in the household. So you need to give these crystals a little bit of love.

Give them a smudge. Gather up your crystals and place them on the dining room table or wherever you have a nice flat surface. Pick up each crystal and pass it through the smoke of the sage stick. If you happen to be doing this around the full moon even better. Smudge each crystal and then place them outside to collect the energy of the full moon. This helps you re-energize the crystals and get them working for you again.

4. Your bedroom. The bedroom is a crucial area of the home. It’s where you rest, recuperate and re-energize. Many people have trouble sleeping and this is because so much energy from day after day has been released into the bedroom. This energy accumulates and can actually create vortexes of spinning energy that just pulls on your energy. You can end up being exhausted but being able to fall sleep. You can wake up like a zombie feeling tired and with brain lag all day long. Or you don’t sleep at all. You just toss and turn constantly thinking of one thought after another in a kind of a whirlwind of thoughts.

It’s time to smudge your bedroom. This means going into the bedroom with your sage stick and starting to go around the perimeter of the bedroom in a clockwise manner. Then clear around the bed. Now there are a lot of fabrics in the typical bedroom when you consider bedspread, drapes and perhaps a rug. Because of this, you want to hold a shell or plate under the smudge stick to catch falling ash. It is a very bad sign if you set your bed on fire. When you finish smudging the room and you return to the place you began at the door then say, “I welcome in peace, restful sleep, healing, recuperation, and joy into this bedroom”.

5. Your car. Most people don’t think to smudge their car. Yet how many times have you been stuck in traffic and felt exasperation or stressed because you’re late? You are releasing this disturbed energy into the car. How many times have you been cut off on the road and felt the fear or rage that comes with a close call like that? Another driver risking your life or at least your car because they are late for whatever it is they have to do.

So you are continually releasing energy into the car. Your car is this metal container focusing this energy back onto you. So every time you get in the car you feel this increasing stress, maybe even rage, building more and more.

It’s good to give your car a quick smudge every once in a while. If you park your car in the garage then this is quite simple. You can smudge the car inside and out. But if you park on the street or in an apartment building shared parking lot this may not feel so practical. You might not feel comfortable lighting a smudge stick with all the neighbors watching. That’s where smudge spray is so so useful.

Use smudge spray to do your car. Focus on doing the interior of the car. You can do a few sprays to clear the front seat and the back seat. You can also spray into the trunk. Now the energy in the car is clear. Of course, smudge spray is not as powerful as lighting a smudge stick and so you may want to use smudge spray more often than you would if you were smudging the car with a sage stick. But because it’s super quick and easy to smudge with sage spray you can smudge more often. This will help you feel more at peace during your commutes and it will help protect you and your vehicle. It also helps keep your vehicle from getting scratched or dinged in parking lots.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please send me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you.