How (and Why) to Smudge Yourself

How (and Why) to Smudge Yourself by Donna Stellhorn

There are a lot of instances when you realize you probably should do a clearing on yourself with a sage stick or other means. Your home is not the only place that can attract and hold negative energy. As you’re out in the world, you can pick up the energy of others or the energies of stressful places and bring that energy right home. Sometimes you may be very aware of this happening but at other times you may not realize how much of a burden you’re carrying until you’ve dropped that yoke from your shoulders and you’re clear.

What are the Signs that You Need a Clearing of Yourself?

There are indications when you are carrying a lot of negative energy. First, consider everyone has some part of the body that’s weaker. (This is usually indicated through the Astrology Chart.) So you may have a back that goes out, a neck that is often stiff, or issues with your feet. When you carry negative energy from others or situations the weaker part of your body, the place where you hold tension or stress can really act up. So you may think to yourself, “why is my lower back out again? I haven’t been lifting anything heavy”. But in effect, you are “lifting” this negative energy and carrying it around.

You may also see signs of fatigue. This can manifest as waking up in the morning but still feeling tired or finding it difficult to wake up at all. You may sit down to work on a project but feel a great deal of resistance to starting even if the project is related to a goal you really want for yourself. Or you may find yourself dragging at various times of the day. If you have an unusual amount of fatigue over a few days try using the sage wand to clear yourself.

It’s also a good idea to make a mental note to clear yourself with sage or by smudging when you are around people who you don’t really get along with. In this world, there are many kinds of people and you may not get along with everyone you meet. Some have different soul paths that could be very different than your own and this is okay but it can feel disruptive to your own energy field. When you hang out with these people or have physical contact with them such as a hug or having them put their hands on you your own energy may be disturbed. You may not feel anything at the moment. But when you get home you suddenly feel tired or perhaps irritable with people you do actually love and care about.

Finally, notice whether you work in a toxic environment. Some offices can have a build-up of negativity from years of stress and difficult people. You may not be able to change jobs so it would be wise to smudge yourself often to maintain a boundary between you and the negative energy. This might be done weekly or even daily if the workspace is really stressful.

What are the Best Ways to do a Clearing?

There are many ways to do a clearing on yourself. Some methods take a while but they can be soothing in themselves. Other methods can be done quickly allowing you to move on to do other things. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Smudge Yourself with a Sage WandThis is the classic method of clearing yourself. Stand on a surface that will not be harmed by falling ash. Take a regular, white sage smudge stick in your power hand (the hand you write with) and light it. Allow the flame to go out and wait until you see a stream of smoke coming from the stick. Gently move the stick in front of you starting with your head and moving side to side downwards towards your feet keeping the stick about six to ten inches away from your body. It should take you at least 8-10 seconds to go from your head to your toes but you can do longer. Then move the stick around your head, taking care not to get the burning part of the stick too close to your hair or clothing. Move the stick behind you to get your lower back and behind. Then move the stick down the back of your legs. You may switch hands during this process if you find you can reach better.

Clear Yourself with a Bath of Sage Essential Oils: Run a warm bath for yourself and add a few drops of sage essential oils. Allow the scent of the sage to clear you as you step into the bath and soak. While this takes longer than smudging yourself, it is quite effective and thorough for removing negative energy.

Use Smudge Spray: This is probably the quickest method but can also be the least effective. That said if you don’t have the time or energy for another method at least do this as it is better to do some clearing than allow negative energy to build up. Keeping your eyes closed, spray three times over your head and allow the mist to flow over your body. Take care if you’re wearing fine fabrics as some sprays may stain clothing.

How to Clear Yourself When You’re Not at Home

Sometimes you find yourself far away from home. Perhaps you’re on vacation or at a conference for work. You come back to the hotel and you feel like you’re covered in negative energy. How can you clear yourself?

The easiest method would be to use a smudge spray. Sprays are available in 2-ounce and 4-ounce sizes which are acceptable on most airlines. Most smudge sprays are very lightly scented and pleasant.

Spritz yourself, taking care not to get any in your eyes. Some smudge sprays are more effective than others so you may have to use the smudge spray several times over the course of a few days to really get a good clearing. But as I mentioned before, a partial clearing is better than not clearing at all.

Another way to consider is clearing from the inside out. Choose to eat something that has sage as part of the recipe. If you notice that the restaurant offers carrots sprinkled with sage or holiday turkey with sage dressing opt for that.

Or you could use a roll-on essential oil. This is the sage essential oil blended with oils that are beneficial to the skin. You can use the roll-on applicator on your pulse points and especially on the bottoms of your feet. Massage the oil in gently to get the full effect.

How do you know the clearing was effective?

I’m often asked how to know whether the clearing was effective. It’s understandable to feel like you’re unsure about this especially if you’re new to space clearing or using sage. There are times when you’re concentrating so much on doing things correctly you may forget to notice the shift of feelings you have from smudging yourself.

So when you’re starting out don’t worry so much about doing it correctly. Just do it. And see if there’s any sensation you have within your body. Do you feel a little tingly? Do you feel a weight off of your shoulders? Do you shiver a little? Do you spontaneously smile while you’re doing it? Any bodily sensation is an indication that something is working.

It is possible though you are so weighed down with this negative energy that you are not able to connect with the sensation of being cleared. In these cases, go through the smudging process and clear yourself. Then check back in in a couple of hours to see if you are still fatigued or still feeling negative energy. Sometimes allowing the clearing to settle and feeling your mood and energy later can give you signs. Often waiting for a while will give you a strong indication that the clearing worked.

Finally, you can use other methods to check a clearing. We’ll talk about more of these in future articles. But some of these would include the pendulum or pulling a tarot card. If you have a friend available you can do some muscle testing.

Clearing yourself can help you feel more balanced and reduce your stress. You will improve your ability to clear yourself with practice. Try different methods and find one you like.