How to Clear a Feng Shui Cure with Sage

So I woke up this morning to find my Feng Shui cure, the one that hangs on my doorknob to attract money to the house, lying on the floor.

This happens every once in a while when the rubber band that holds it to the doorknob gets dry and breaks. It’s a natural occurrence. That’s a logical assumption at least. But it’s also a sign that the cure is “tired” and it needs to be re-energized. And the best way to re-energize it is through sage and smudging it.

Smudging a Feng Shui cure is quite simple and straightforward. Light the smudge stick and hold it in your power hand, that’s the hand you write with and take the Feng Shui cure in the other hand.

Move the smudge stick around the Feng Shui cure. Let the smoke of the smudge stick touch all parts of the cure. Turn the cure over so that all parts of it are touched by the smoke. Because most Feng Shui cures have some sort of fringe make sure that the fringe does not touch the smoldering smudge stick.

When you’re doing the clearing and the smoke is enveloping the cure, then say, “I clear this Feng Shui cure and ask that it be re-energized”. You can then add a statement about the purpose of the cure. For example, this is a cure to attract money so you could say, “I hang this cure to attract money to me and my family”.

The clearing is now done. I hang the cure as it was before. At this point, I’ll look around and see if there are any other Feng Shui cures that have not been cleared in a while. With this particular Feng Shui coin string, I have a good reminder to clear it because, as I said, the rubber band gets dry, it breaks and then the cure falls to the floor. This happens every 3-4 months depending on what the weather is.

But I have cures that are hanging on the wall and those cures are not going to fall off the wall. If they did that would be a major sign. So when I clear the Feng Shui door cure that had fallen on the floor it is a great time for me to clear the hanging Feng Shui cures such as my Lucky Money Fish, my Lucky Money Envelope, and my Lucky Money Frog.

Clearing a Feng Shui cure will bring you some noticeable benefits within two to three days. So after clearing my Feng Shui cure and hanging it up again, I mark my calendar so I will notice in two to three days to see if the clearing worked. In this case, I noticed a bump up in client bookings within 24 hours so I know it worked.

If you have questions about smudging or space clearing please let me know. And if you want to know more about Feng Shui cures like Lucky Money Fish and Lucky Money Frogs check out my YouTube channel.