When to Smudge: When is a good time to clear using sage

When to Smudge

As you are learning how to smudge you will also want to know when to smudge. As smudging clears negative energy you want to smudge whenever you suspect that the energy is not so positive. But smudging is a process and takes time so you want to pick the optimum times to clear your space or yourself. Smudging should be done at certain times and then can be done when needed.

When you move in: When you start at a new house or apartment, the space contains the energy of the previous occupants. If the house is newly built then it contains the energy of the workmen. All residences carry some energy from the land itself. This is harder to clear especially if something truly horrific happened in the location in times past. But as long as you’re not on some ancient burial ground then most of the energy you are feeling is from the home itself. I suggest you do a space clearing as soon as you move in, even before you sleep there your first night. If this is not possible then smudge as soon as you can to clear away the negative energy that may have been left by the previous owners.

When someone in the home has been ill: The energy of illness can persist in a house even after the person has recovered. Doing a clearing with sage especially in the bedroom and bathroom used by the sick person can help “heal” the energy of the whole house.

When a guest in the house has been negative, unhappy, or ill: Sometimes even a visit from a person who is ill or emotionally out of balance can throw off the balance of the home. When this happens clear the place as soon as they leave. Pay attention to the entry they used and the places they sat in the house. If you don’t want the person to return then when you finish smudging stand at the door and “tell” them they cannot return.

When you come home after a bad day: Some colleagues and I had some offices years ago where we would see clients and help people through some trying times. There was one spot in the office where every client seemed to focus on and release what they were carrying. It didn’t take long for negativity to gather in that one spot. If you come home after a long day and come through the garage door into the kitchen and see a pile of dirty dishes you might lose your temper. If you see that day after day and you get angry over and over a spot of negative energy will form and this will throw off the energy of the house.

If you have a difficult neighbor: Sometimes we have a neighbor we just can’t seem to get along with. This can set up a vulnerability for negative energy to come into that house from the side the neighbor is on. After smudging the house to clear the energy you may want to find a protection remedy through Feng Shui like a Bagua Mirror to protect your home in the future.

On the New Moon: About once a month the Moon disappears for an evening. This is the new moon and it marks a new beginning for the month. By smudging and clearing the space at this time you will be setting the energy to welcome in new opportunities and new money.

On the 1st day of the Month: While not as powerful as smudging on the New Moon it still works to smudge on the first day of the month. This will help give energy to your monthly goals and focus your energy towards the positive.

Clear furniture you get at yard sales or from antique dealers: The things you bring into your home will have the energy of the previous owner and when you choose something that has been discarded, no matter how good a deal it is, it could have negative energy. This energy can be released into your home affecting your prosperity and your relationships. It’s a good idea to smudge furniture when you get it, especially used furniture.

Jewelry from past relationships: You may have some keepsakes from a previous relationship, one that may not have ended so well. Don’t let the energy of those rings, pendants, and earrings contaminate your current relationship or your search for someone new. Make sure, if you’re going to keep the item, that you clear it using sage.